Saturday, October 30, 2010


I am now at the office spending my time reading anything in the internet..

It's very boring knowing that I am the only one that has Saturday shift at the office..( alone and quiet)
Another thing is that I get scared since our Big Boss is here and I was afraid that she will caught me doing nothing, since We don't have a workload yet, waiting for MT's (Medical Transcription) to upload our work loads in our system.

I don't want to get used with this kind of stagnant routine, workload, environment,LIFE..
but I don't have to quit...
I have to prove something for myself.. I need the regularization form before I will make a resignation letter..hehe :) just joking..

I am also looking forward for the 13th month pay...yeppie!

Well I guess I just spend my whole shift surfing the net..

and I think  I have to change my job description from VA to Net Surfer..Haha!

See yah next time! :))