Saturday, October 30, 2010

stupid or selfish

I'ts past eleven in the evening, I can't even sleep
even though I was sick...

I was disappointed again with my BF ..
He knows I am sick and guess what did he replied???
"ano ba naman yan!!!!"
Instead of worrying about me,.. he get mad at me..

Last thing I know is that they have their inuman session with his tropa..

I don't know if I was wrong that I get sick on the time that he set their
session or He not minding what I am feeling right now just to have some fun with his guys.. :(

I don't know if I am stupid or I am selfish..

I hope I will get well soon.. :( good night

Mae's last resort..:))

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.  ~Douglas Pagels 

I had a long weekend last week
I had rest day last week on Saturday and Sunday and by next week was Monday and Sunday so,I had 3 day rest days on that week and the next.
Friday night I had at shift for 9:00PM- 6AM but I had to make half day since somebody ruin my night and another thing is that I'm too excited for our swimming on the next day for Our Mareng Mea's Despidida and to celebrate as well Dudoy's 21st bday.
I just got my salary since it was our payday hehe :))

2:00 AM- I went home
I arrived home and caught my bf asleep already.
I was hungry that time so I decided to called-up my kumare to eat out

Me, Mae, Jess(Mae's hubby) and pareng Glenn were liking to go to Padis that night but since it was already two in the morning and we thought that the party was already about to end,so we just decided to eat out.
We enjoy our meal at Chowking while planning what to prepare for later's Swimming..
We went home around five in the morning, I was in a hurry to go home since there are no much time to sleep.
We had to buy,prepare and cook our foods to bring at the swimming in the morning.
I also have to wash our clothes and clean the house for it's Dudoy's Birthday on the next day

I had a two hour sleep on that, since I was too excited for the outing,


I woke up and start to fixed the bedding's, Dudoy was mad that I am too excited that I didn't get sleep(because he thought I just arrived from work)hehe,but instead of arguing we went to Market to buy foods for our lunch,we also bought some things that we can use at home, 
I also start to wash our clothes with the help of Dudoy's siblings.I wanted to finish all the tasks that I planned before noontime because I was sure that kumpare's and kumare will get to the house early in the afternoon to start preparing for the foods,


My boyfriend approach me to ask what to buy in the market for our Baon, so we sit and paln what to buy and he told me that he and Glenn will go to market to buy foods since I am busy doing the house holds.


We finished the laundry and eat our lunch, I was planning to take a nap to get some energy for the night would be a long i lay down and close my eyes but on the time that my soul was about get out of my katawang lupa... My kumpare was shouting from the outside
"Mare simulan na naten to" while carrying lots of plastic bags in his hand, So I had no choice because I am also sure  nobody will about to cook the food but me,I get up and help them with preparing it..

3:00PM- IT started to get dark, It's like raining..somebody told us that it will rain hard and just eat the food at home and not to pursue the swimming but we are determined go ahead for it..

4:00- It started to rain hard as in cats and dogs! we were like loosing our faith to go for the outing but most of us were really like to go, We decided to wait for the rain to subside and start commuting..

7:00PM- We start to commute, Our destination will be at Circle Island Resort at Bacoor Cavite, about 30-45 minute ride from Las Pinas..

8:00PM- We arrived at the Resort and start the party!!!!!

Mareng Mea wanted to have Videoke in our Cottage so she rent a bar type cottage that already had videoke.
We started to grill some of our Baon and let the swimming party started.. :)) 

I guess mareng Mea won't forget the bonding that we had when she'll be aprt from us..
we'll miss you mare and wish you all the good luck..
Chat chat na lang mare pag nandun kna..
We all love you...
Dudoy and Me

Mareng Mae and I
party all night!
Enjoy the party

 No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each others worth.
-- Robert Southey


I am now at the office spending my time reading anything in the internet..

It's very boring knowing that I am the only one that has Saturday shift at the office..( alone and quiet)
Another thing is that I get scared since our Big Boss is here and I was afraid that she will caught me doing nothing, since We don't have a workload yet, waiting for MT's (Medical Transcription) to upload our work loads in our system.

I don't want to get used with this kind of stagnant routine, workload, environment,LIFE..
but I don't have to quit...
I have to prove something for myself.. I need the regularization form before I will make a resignation letter..hehe :) just joking..

I am also looking forward for the 13th month pay...yeppie!

Well I guess I just spend my whole shift surfing the net..

and I think  I have to change my job description from VA to Net Surfer..Haha!

See yah next time! :))

blog for what

What makes me decide to make a blog..

Well It's just that I wanted to put all my thoughts and feelings, experiences in
 the way that I can view it every time I wanted to..
although my life is a bit mess right now and still searching on how to fix it..

Like more often, I was always locked on my routine at home and work talking to 
no body else but me,

For almost two weeks, I was put in a schedule at night shift "alone" at the office with weekend schedule I had nothing to talk to, and when I went home I have to sleep all day to get enough energy for the next night. What I can do at home is that my boyfriend wakes me up on before 6 PM just to tell me what will  I prepare for dinner... that's it! no "kamusta work?" or even asking if Am I tired or whatever.. I will cooked for dinner and start preparing my self for work again,,, It so boring that I can't even get enough time for my self and for him.. and that's where we always starts our arguments..that he cannot find time for me since he's always busy..

end of bitterness...

I'm still at work now with my office mates *chatting* since we don't have our workloads yet..( I already had new schedule)
Thanks to my friends that always makes my problems easier to bare.. laughing at my stupidity   but making me sure that I won't get on the that track  again..

well well that's all for now..
I hope I will always have the time to update and make my blog better.