Saturday, October 30, 2010

blog for what

What makes me decide to make a blog..

Well It's just that I wanted to put all my thoughts and feelings, experiences in
 the way that I can view it every time I wanted to..
although my life is a bit mess right now and still searching on how to fix it..

Like more often, I was always locked on my routine at home and work talking to 
no body else but me,

For almost two weeks, I was put in a schedule at night shift "alone" at the office with weekend schedule I had nothing to talk to, and when I went home I have to sleep all day to get enough energy for the next night. What I can do at home is that my boyfriend wakes me up on before 6 PM just to tell me what will  I prepare for dinner... that's it! no "kamusta work?" or even asking if Am I tired or whatever.. I will cooked for dinner and start preparing my self for work again,,, It so boring that I can't even get enough time for my self and for him.. and that's where we always starts our arguments..that he cannot find time for me since he's always busy..

end of bitterness...

I'm still at work now with my office mates *chatting* since we don't have our workloads yet..( I already had new schedule)
Thanks to my friends that always makes my problems easier to bare.. laughing at my stupidity   but making me sure that I won't get on the that track  again..

well well that's all for now..
I hope I will always have the time to update and make my blog better.